Customer Service Is As Important As Automation In DevOps.

Enterprises rushed into AWS because in part business was tired of poor customer service from internal IT department. Of course, this is an oversimplification but for what I am going to share with you, it is the most important detail.

DevOps must realize this and avoid making the same mistakes. So what does it take to build a sustainable customer friendly DevOps?

Treat your customers… well like customers. They are not captive audience. They have choices and they will leave you. You cannot hide behind corporate standards and security or architecture review boards to force them to use your services. Focus on attracting your customers rather than forcing them to work with you or using your stack only.

Create service maps that not only map services to infrastructure components but also map down to specific people. You should be able to look at any piece of infrastructure and map it to a service, to business unit, to specific contacts within seconds. Btw, check out Cloudaware CMDB Slack integration it is awesome. Basically, your service maps should be people-aware if that makes sense.

Visibility leads to accountability. If you’re delivering services like monitoring, security or backup, those must be visible to your customer. If your customer is asking you what you are monitoring, that is kind of a failure already. If your customer is asking you whether “we are secure,” that’s also a failure. Create tools for your customers to see and understand what services you’re delivering for them.

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Customer will do two things. Firstly, they will love you for the transparency and actually delivery of the services since they can actually now see them and secondly they will know raise hell when they see something off which will keep your staff in top shape.

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